Import curbs on nearly 400 items to be eased

COLOMBO: The existing import restrictions on hundreds of items are expected to be relaxed next week, State Minister of Finance Ranjith Siyambalapitiya said.

Accordingly, the State Minister stated that the current import restrictions on 300 to 400 items will be relaxed from next week.

Trade Minister Nalin Fernando earlier said that measures will be taken to reduce the prices of several commodities, in comparison with the appreciation of the Sri Lankan Rupee.

Speaking at a press briefing, Minister Fernando emphasized that the general public should receive the benefit of the lowering inflation.

“If there was a system to decrease the commodity prices as fast as it increases, we wouldn’t have to struggle with this matter,” he said.

However, the minister stated that a decision will be arrived at, in order to reduce the prices of fertilizer or to halt the increase of the relevant prices.