Adverse conditions in election rallies may charge second wave of Coronavirus

There is an indication of poor social distancing in transportation, market premises and election rallies, where people may have begun to avoid the health directives, raising very adverse conditions amidst the prevailing crisis, chief scientist of the Epidemiology Unit of the Health Ministry Sudath Samaraweera warned.

In the circumstances the risk of spreading coronavirus among a large number of people could be possible, should there be one person among them who has contracted the virus, he pointed out, thereby stressing that this may not even be traceable.

Therefore, it is still imperative that people should continue social distancing whilst wearing face masks in public places and keeping their hands clean, Samaraweera added.

Should the country fail to control the contagion at this moment, more restrictive measures may have to be taken, similar to those taken during the last months, confining and reversing the lives of people once again, the chief scientist emphasised.

The likeliness to rise a second wave of coronavirus amidst the prevailing situation has currently been controlled, he went on, pointing out nevertheless that a positive person previously undetected may charge it otherwise.

Therefore, it is imperative that the people of Sri Lanka should continue to act in compliance with the health directives, he added.

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